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Beauty salon
In Syðstu-Grund , Kolbrún María occupant of the farm, operates a beauty salon. Visitors can order an appointment in the farm Syðsta Grund
The Battle of Haugsnes
On the 19th of April 1246, one of the largest battles of Sturlungaöldin was fought, and had thegreatest amount of casualties ever known in an...


We offer a made-up bed, space for sleeping bags and breakfast:
The accommodation is in a 25m2 cottage called Litla Grund.


Syðsta Grund is in the best part of Skagafjörður, centrally located. Ca. 5 km away is the local shop and swimming pool at Varmahlíð.
It is possible to ski in the nearby mountain Tindastóll, which is ca. 35 min drive away, during wintertime.
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Syðsta-Grund - 560 Varmahlið
Phone: 453-8262
Mobile: 846-9182

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