Róðurgrund is the place names on the basis of ground Hauganess in the west, in the country of Syðstu Grund in Blönduhlíð. There was a crucifix erected in memory of Brandur and it is believed that the cross had stood until the Reformation. Took the place, Róðurgrund, name from the cross. In the summer of 2009, there was another crucifix built in Róðurgrund, to commemorate the event
when Ásbirningar disappeared from the stage as one of the most powerful family in the country.

Good to know

Beauty salon
In Syðstu-Grund , Kolbrún María occupant of the farm, operates a beauty salon. Visitors can order an appointment in the farm Syðsta Grund
The Chapel in Syðstu Grund
Chapel at the Syðstu Grund stood there for centuries and the house still stood there in 1713, but had not been massed or prayed in, in human...


Syðsta-Grund - 560 Varmahlið
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