Glóðafeykir is in Blönduhlíðarfjalls-garden. Rock type is mainly basalt.

Glóðafeykir is a 990 meter high and a mighty background when viewed over to the Blönduhlíð from Varmahlíð.

Bishop Jón Arason was executed in Skálholt fall of 1550 along with his two sons, Ari the lawyer and Rev. Björn on Melstað.

Helga Sigurdardottir, the surviving wife of Bishop Jón, fled from Hólum í Hjaltadal as soon as war ships arrived in the country, with her, Gudrun Magnusdottir, her granddaughter. They fled to the mountain nearby Akrar in Skagafjörður, called Glóðafeykir. Helga and Gudrun stayed in a tent, and several people with them, until ships started sailing again. They got everything they needed for the stay in the mountain transported to them.

Helga is supposed to have stayed by Húsgilsdragi during the summer, which is the only place to identify by Glóðarfeyki.

But how is the facility to hide the mountain Glóðafeykir?

Glóðafeykir is a high mountain, and oddly formed. It is separated from the mountains around, and will from above nearly as thin beside the stays, which is cut from both ends in. The mountain is loaded with numerous basalt layers, and is very difficult to walk in. Glóðafeykir is a high, rocky and with no grass.

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