In Sturlunga Saga there are reports that a crucifix was built after the Hauganes battle of 1246 where
Brandur Kolbeinsson was killed, and that after that the grounds were called Róðugrund. The name
Syðsta Grund became more frequently used after the Reformation, and soon completely replaced it.

Sæmundur Sigurbjörnsson and Þorbjörg Eyhildur Gísladóttir have lived in Syðsta Grund since 1969.
Sæmundur is a truck driver and Þorbjörg has run the B&B since 2004. Their daughter, Kolbrún María
and her husband live at Syðsta Grund as well, where Kolbrún María even has a hair salon.

Where the farmhouse is situated now is the fourth known place for people to have lived in Syðsta
Grund. The grounds of Syðsta Grund have throughout time been under the encroachment of the
Djúpadalsá river, which often ran quite freely and resulted in the farmsteads having to be moved
repeatedly. In a parish description from 1839 by a Miklibær priest the grounds of Syðsta Grund are
described as "hardly inhabitable due to the river’s aggression”. In 1971 they blocked the river off
with embankments and it hasn’t caused trouble since.

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